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Ceramic Artist Inquiry


1. Your task is to thoroughly investigate the work of a Ceramic Artist and create a body of work that shows a strong connection to that artist’s work.

2. You should start by spending some time looking at ceramic artists. Please look through the Ceramic Artists List to find artists. It is okay to use an artist who is not on this list, but you need to be able to find enough information about the artist and get him/her approved by me.

3. Take your time. As you are looking, work through the attached sheet. You should be looking for forms, functions and glazing techniques that appeal to you. You might think about whether you would want “forms like that” in your house.

4. Write down those artists whose work appeals to you. Find at least 3 whose work you could live with in your house.

5. As you are looking, start noting details:
a. What forms does this artist work with?
b. What are the functions of this artist’s work?
c. How are you inspired by this artist’s work?

6. Create a folder for this project and start saving files: images, facts, etc. Whenever possible, note the name of the artist and general description of his/her work.


1. You should have a presentable packet at the end of this project. It should contain a biography (as much as you can find) of your artist, containing general dates, where your artist works, and anything else about your artist that you think we would like to know or that you find interesting.
2. You should have a written assessment of the form & function of the work your artist produces. It should cover the basics in #5 above. This should include why you chose this artist, in case that is not clear otherwise.
3. You should have at least two clay forms inspired by the work of your chosen artist.
4. You will be sharing your artist, your learning / techniques, and your clay forms at the end of this project in a presentation (powerpoint or your choice of method).

(Use this as a guide for presentation content)

Steps for creating your presentation in Powerpoint:

• Create a Title page for your project, including your name, the date and the course title.

• Include biographical information on your artist.

• Create a slide that introduces the work of your Ceramic Artist; i.e. “The following 4 clay pieces were produced by Holly “Muddy” Houston.”

• You should show at least three pieces. Make sure each of the clay pieces includes the title of the artwork and year it was made. Type this below the photograph of the work.

• Create a slide that introduces your work.

• Digitally photograph your clay works and include them in your powerpoint. Title and date each piece.

• Create a slide that indicates “the end”.

Keep the color, patterns, font size and style simple; don’t get too complex, it will confuse your audience and muddle your message.

NOTE: Time is fleeting. There should be no dilly-dallying on this project. You should budget your time wisely.