Ceramic Artists worth checking out!!

Molly Hatch-- functional potter who works with michima and transfer onto clay. Molly's transfer technique
Richard Notkin- reinterprets traditional Yixing (Chinese) teapot forms usually with political and social commentary http://www.ceramicstoday.com/potw/notkin.htm

Ah Leon- also bases inspiration on Yixing teapots in contemporary form http://www.ceramicstoday.com/articles/ah-leon.htm

Betty Woodman-early career- potter; Later –used vase form in more conceptual work, some installation work http://www.metmuseum.org/special/se_event.asp?OccurrenceId={A5DA8885-8511-41B6-A27A-CCFCF65C2CA5}

Julia Galloway-functional potter using porcelain- lots of embellished form and ornate decoration, uses some gold luster http://www.juliagalloway.com/

Ayumi Horie—potter using earthenware, has special technique of throwing dry, (might have a video of this on her website)- uses slip and sgrafitto decoration, often goofy drawings http://www.ayumihorie.com/ A. Horie's Links page--looks EXTENSIVE: http://www.ayumihorie.com/links.html

Peter Voulkos- One of the most famous ceramic artists, known for using ceramics to make abstract expressionism (50s, 60s, 70s) and crossing the line between craft and art. http://www.voulkos.com/suprplatejpg.html

Marilyn Levine- trompe l’oeil sculptor- very amazing realistic work (leather jackets, hats, more recently, leather cups) http://users.lmi.net/ml/index.html

Beth Cavener Stichter- makes animal sculptures- sometimes allegorical http://www.followtheblackrabbit.com/

Jack Troy- known for wood fired work, some very sculptural pottery forms and some classic forms. http://www.jacktroy.net/

Bernadette Curran- delightful pots with animal forms carved and sculpted in. Colorful and whimsical. http://www.bernadettecurran.com/

Sergei Isupov-very intricate high tech figurative sculpture, lots of painting on surface, sometimes disturbing http://sergeiisupov.com/

Ron Meyers- earthenware potter with fantastic animal drawings/ slips http://www.snyderman-works.com/works/artists/ceramics/meyers/meyers.html

Ruchika Madan- works in tiles and functional pottery, lovely carving designs through slip http://www.ruchikamadan.com/

Kurt Weiser- a master at painting images on vessel forms http://www.ceramicstoday.com/potw/weiser.htm

Gail Kendall- earthenware potter, somewhat light and fun http://www.unl.edu/art/facultyworkkendall.shtml

Mark Pharis- Handbuilt pottery forms, uses interesting combination of form and design http://www.lacostegallery.com/dynamic/artist.asp?artistid=9

Chris Staley- some beautiful pots and sculptural work as well http://www.personal.psu.edu/cxs41/portfolio.html

Kari Radasch- earthenware with pressed texture..later work: slips and appliqué http://kariradasch.com/

Lucy Breslin- ornate decorative pottery forms, also some sculptural wall pieces http://www.turtlegallery.com/artists/ceramics/lbreslin/lbreslin1.html

Abby Huntoon- makes ceramic books- mysterious/symbolic http://www.turtlegallery.com/artists/ceramics/ahuntoon/ahuntoon1.html

Paul Heroux- pottery forms with incredible decorative surfaces http://www.artnet.com/artist/424112304/paul-heroux.html

Linda Arbuckle: functional pottery glazed with majolica technique http://lindaarbuckle.com/

Kristen Kieffer: http://kiefferceramics.com/

The Clay Studio Shop Artists: http://www.theclaystudio.org/shop/index.php

Diana Fayt: http://www.dianafayt.com/

Sophia's Dad's Pots: some etched examples and explanations: http://www.etsy.com/shop/gottuso?page=2

Jonathan Mess: http://www.artmess.net