A Closer Look at Clay

1. Find an image of something interesting created in clay (from a magazine, newspaper, web, etc.). Remember that interesting is a subjective opinion. What I want to know is what you find interesting about it. Why were you compelled to cut out this work?

2. Print out/Cut out, and neatly glue photo of your chosen work into your sketchbook. Include all information you find on the work (title, artist, material, size, etc.) You must include your source (URL, magazine, etc.)

3. Write a legible (type if necessary) description (at least 4 sentences) of this piece of clay on the same page. Write as if you are describing to a good friend over the phone.

4. WHY did you choose this piece? What is compelling about it?

Credit format:
Artist, Title, date, publication info (i.e., Ceramics Monthly, March 2009) or URL

To get full credit for this assignment you must follow ALL directions and give credit accurately.