Idea List for Talking Teapot

Essential Questions:

In what ways can ceramics influence people?
How does learning about the influence of ceramics help you to better understand the world in which we live?

Possible Themes:


Public Health – Substance Abuse(drinking & driving, overeating, smoking, drug abuse, eating disorders)
Human trafficing
Racial Inequality
Kid challenges – peer pressure, corroding influence of gossip, bullying, drop-out rates


Presidential campaign
Local elections – state referendums, casinos, property tax, school consolidation
International politics / issues - Darfur, war in Iraq, free Tibet, Guatemala City dump


Alternative energy
Urban Sprawl - loss of wildlife habitat, decreased water quality, increased flooding
Toxins in the Environment
Mercury Deposition / Acid Rain
Clear cutting
Global warming
Consumer issues – buying organic, locally buying, genetically modifying food,

These are examples; you are not limited to these ideas.