Mug Criteria

You will be making a slab mug that teaches you about connecting slabs securely and creating and attaching a handle. You will be using wax in your glazing….please leave room for some experimentation with glazing.

o Base: > 3.5”, < 4.5”
o Height: < 5”

o Research and draw at least 5 examples of handles from the web or books/mags., put in sketchbook
o Plan and draw your handle and mug

o Securely attached
o Demonstrates creative thinking
o Big enough to fit at least one finger
o Should be proportional to the size of the mug

o No Lazy Glazing: must show planning/reasoning (peach sheet)
o Wax Resist used

Contrast (MUST use at least two of the following methods)
o Handle vs. mug
o Texture on mug
o At least two colors of glaze