Old Influences, New Project


You are going to be creating a clay piece in the style of one of the ancient clays we have studied for homework assignments. (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Banshan ware, Jomon period-Japan, etc) This piece may be either wheel or hand built and should have a shape that CLEARLY relates to your culture of choice. Your surface treatment must reflect, to the best of your knowledge, that which your ancient culture used, in both technique and design.

In your sketchbook please print & glue or carefully draw at least four (4) examples of your choice’s forms and designs (and find appealing). Please write which as much info as you can find on each (size, date made, etc). Please write notes on details about the pottery by which you are inspired. You MUST have evidence, documentation and source of inspiration.

As most of you have already done some research for your homework assignment, you should have some information on your historical era.
Museums can provide great information. Here are some you might try:
A more specific MET site: when here, scroll down to Ceramics and choose your culture: http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hi/c.htm
You might look at the timeline below the bulletin board at the front of the room.

Height should be between 4” – 8”, but should be approved before you begin.

Construction Due: Friday, February 27th.