• These homework assignments are designed to help you understand the long history of ceramics.
  • Each assignment, you need to find a ceramic work relating to the subject/era assigned online or in a magazine. Try:
The Peabody Exxex Museum:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A. Spend some time looking for images from the required time period. You might start by googling: "Mesopotamia ceramics," for instance. Find one you like. It should NOT always be the first one that you find! (I can easily find that one, too...) Print your chosen work in color, cut it out, and neatly glue the image in your sketchbook.
B. Underneath or next to the image, write the title/name of the object, the artist, the date, and the place of origin of that work. (important!!!)
C. Write the source of your information in MLA format (use EasyBib or NoodleBib)
D. Then answer the following questions about it:
  1. Where was your ceramic object created?
  2. Describe the physical appearance of your object (size, shape, color, texture, etc.)
  3. Describe the method of construction of this object and what brings you to this conclusion. (Is it pinch, coil, slab, wheel thrown, or a combination)
  4. How is the surface treated? (Glazed, unglazed, texture added, decorative elements attached, pattern pressed in, etc…)
  5. What is the function of this object? (you might read this or you might have to guess; if you guess, please tell what makes you make this assumption)
  6. In regards to the form and/or decoration, compare this object to something you see or use today.
    Describe how the two objects relate.

Please type up this information and tape or glue it onto the page along with the photo of your image. All assignments MUST be taped or glued into your sketchbook and should be in order. It might help to put the image on one page and the information on the opposite page. Please see the examplars in the classroom.

Possible Historical era/subjects to be studied:
Mesopotamian Pottery (ca 4500 - 2500 BC) British Museum MFA Boston Met Museum (type "mesopotamian ceramics" into the search box)
Egyptian Pottery (ca. 3000 - 1000 BC) British Museum MFA Boston Met Meseum
Banshan ware, China (3rd millennium BC)
Jomon period, Japan (circa 14,500–300 BC)
Minoan (2500-11 BC)
Shang Dynasty (1600 – 1100 BC)
Olmec (1200 – 500 BC)
Chavin Culture, Northern Peru (1100-400 BC)
Africa (300 BC – 1400 AD)
Greek Pottery (ca. 500 BC)
China Terra Cotta Warriors (300-200 BC)
Silla Period, Korea (200 – 650 AD)
Majollica, Italy, Renaissance (14th-17th century AD)
Arts & Crafts Movement, America or Europe, 19th-20th century AD
Contemporary Ceramics